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BEST PRACTICE. Issue 3/2013. Transformation is not a question of style. | T-Systems
IT transformation – a recipe for success: CIO and specialist departments in a joint effort for optimum customer contact. | T-Systems

Tomorrow's CIOs.

The job of the CIO is changing, edging away from the wings toward center stage. Today's IT heads need greater business insight. And conversely, LOB managers are required to know more about technology. Only by working together, can they make a difference and pave the way for zero distance. Because IT transformation is all about teamwork.
IT transformation paves the way for new business models. According to the Head of T-Systems, Reinhard Clemens, CIOs are given the opportunity to become business drivers.
Editorial. To achieve zero distance, we need transformation.
How well CIOs and their departments fulfill future business demands will depend on the ability of their ICT to embrace new technologies.
Interview with Christoph Möltgen, Chief Transformation Officer at the second largest online retailer in the world. | T-Systems
CTO-Talk. Christoph Möltgen, Otto Group.
Christoph Möltgen, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) at German retail giant Otto Group, talked to Marc Fries, Head of Retail at T-Systems about achieving zero distance through IT, gaining the support of business departments for budget negotiation, and the half-life of startups and their ideas.
IT transformation: To develop the innovative impact, the CIO must become the strategic partner of the top executives. | T-Systems
Trendwatch. An eye on the future.
How will companies spend their IT budgets between now and 2020? Are today's CIOs making the transition to business innovator? And will CEOs ask their IT heads to step up to the executive board?



In New York, Rachel Haot uses social media for crisis communications by Mayor Bloomberg. | T-Systems
Rachel Haot. New York is the first city in the world to employ a Chief Digital Officer. According to mayor Michael Bloomberg, Rachel Haot's task is to make the Big Apple the No.1 digital location in the USA.


Coca Cola marketing gives customer names to products. | T-Systems
Personalized IT. With a global marketing master plan and IT as a strategic partner to its user departments, Coca-Cola is personalizing the world’s most successful soft drink.


CMO and CIO become the new dream team. Only together are they able to secure business success. | T-Systems
What are others doing? IT departments are expected to deliver fast, 24/7 service and high performance. German magazine Absatzwirtschaft looks at how LOBs are improving collaboration with their CIOs.

Game changer

Some start-ups become game changers. They want to make life easier for their customers and completely change the market with their visions. | T-Systems
Rebels with a cause. Breaking rules to make visions a reality is part of their DNA. Acutally, many start-ups are driven by the simple question: how can we make life easier for our customers?


IT transformation in a cartoon: CIO and Chief Transformation Officer become key players in the fight for business success in the market. | T-Systems
Who's at the helm? Success is often a case of having the right man or woman in the right role. Particularly when business outcomes are as closely liked to IT innovation as they are today.



Cyber crime as a Board of Management topic: Simulations help to protect IT and data from attacks. | cyber crime | cyber security | T-Systems
An issue for top management? Last year, Internet criminals stole data worth 25 billion euros in Germany and the USA alone. CxOs use Cyber incident simulations to help employees protect their enterprise.


“The speed of innovation is increasing exponentially,” says Andreas König, CIO at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, in an interview. | T-Systems
Andreas König. TV operator ProSiebenSat.1 is all about infotainment. In a peek behind the scenes, Andreas König, CIO at the broadcaster, reveals what is really important to him – at work and at play.

Toll Collect

The success story of Toll Collect: The largest M2M network collects fees for the truck toll charge automatically. | T-Systems
Success story. Ten years after it was launched, the German satellite- and radio-controlled road-charging system is the largest toll network of the world with revenues of 32 billion euros to date.


The latest news from around the world. The TelematicOne portal for French truck rental company PEMA … The EU Commission gets a brand-new WAN... Airbus and Rimowa launch an app for tracking passengers' suitcases...


Medica special edition: IT solutions for hospitals, health insurance providers and doctors help to keep costs in the healthcare system in check while providing a high-quality service. | T-Systems
Medica special edition: From November 20-23, the world’s largest healthcare exhibition Medica presents healthcare solutions that make life easier for medical professionals and improve treatment for patients.



Elon Musk, high-speed entrepreneur recently introduced his vision of the “Hyperloop” transport system. | T-Systems
Fast lane. PayPal founder Elon Musk values security, eco-friendliness, simplicity and speed. His latest project is so fast that it could make trains and planes a thing of the past.

Intelligent accessories

Google Glass, iWatch & Co.: Wearable technologies attack the smartphone world. | T-Systems
The race is on. What will be the next big thing? Will the latest innovations adorn our wrists or our noses? One thing is certain: wearable technology is shaking up the smartphone world.

The mind behind

Child prodigy Catalin Voss at Silicon Valley, freshman at Stanford University and social media consultant for German newspaper Bild. | T-Systems
German Wunderkind. A programmer at 13; an iPhone developer at 15; and today, he’s studying IT at the US Stanford University. Catalin Voss is also an enterprise consultant, advising companies on social media.
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